DIY-It or Hire an Electrician for Your New Generator Install

Before if you decide if you should DIY-it or hire an electrician for your new generator installation, check this blog out to learn the importance of a professional’s help.

Portable Generators

Smaller portable generators that are used for camping trips or other outdoor activities don’t need an electrician present to set up. They typically come with straightforward instructions, and since they don’t need wiring to a central system, there isn’t much hard work necessary to get them up and running. Just make sure that it is fully charged or filled with the correct fuel, and you are good to go.

Standby Generators

When you are installing a standby generator in your home or building, you will need the help of an electrician. A correctly installed generator should be able to rest ideally, then power up during an outage, providing power to the essential functions in the building. If an amateur handles the installation, they most likely won’t have the skill or knowledge to isolate the voltage to only power the necessary things. Also, they might overpower the system, causing the system to overload.

The Advantages of Getting an Electrician

Electricians are highly trained craftspeople with years of experience in a variety of skills, including generator installation. This process is a completed task that requires several connections between the generator and the electrical system to be executed correctly for it to work. With our experience, we can ensure that your backup systems are working flawlessly, so in the case of an emergency, you’ll be able to rely on the generator for power when the power does go out.

You should especially get a professional for commercial properties because the loss of power could mean the loss of profits, and it isn’t worth saving money in installation fees when you compare it to the potential of having a temporary shutdown.

If you are still debating whether you should DIY-it or hire an electrician for your new generator installation, commit to getting help from an experienced professional. At No Shorts Electric, our home standby generator installers can assist in any home standby installation to guarantee that you’ll be able to rely upon your generator’s power in an emergency.


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