Tidy Electrical Systems & Devices

Electricity is like the lifeblood of a functioning home, supplying power to all kinds of appliances that you use every day. When you utilize it haphazardly, though, it can become dangerous and your devices can become more prone to damage. We share tips for tidying up the electrical devices and system in your home, so you can keep things safe and in good condition.

Stay Mindful of Overburdening Outlets

Just because you can plug something in to an outlet doesn’t mean that you should. When you utilize power strips and extension cords to increase the number of appliances that can connect with a single outlet, you risk overburdening it. This is because those add-ons don’t actually increase the electrical capacity of the outlet itself. When an outlet is strained, it’s liable to experience issues and even catch fire. If you notice that you have too many things connected to an outlet, remove some. It’s also good to see if it’s noticeably hot, as that could be another sign that it’s overburdened.

Use the Correct Light Bulbs

Different types of light bulbs exist for varying purposes in the house. A tip for tidying up the electrical devices and systems in your home is to make sure that you’re using the correct ones to avoid dangerously blowing them out. Check to see that the wattage of your bulbs matches the corresponding fixture or appliance that you plan to use them for. If you have a dimmer light in your home, you need to get lightbulbs that manufacturers have designed for this application. Similarly, track lights, recessed lights, and pot lights are often incompatible with CFL lightbulbs.

Arrange Cords Out of the Way

The arrangement of the electrical cords in your rooms is a seemingly unimportant detail that is actually highly important. When your wires get tangled up and run through the middle of the floor, you can trip over them. Disorganized cords are more likely to see rough treatment, exposing their insides or leading to fraying. Furthermore, ignoring where you place cords can result in irreparable damages from heated areas in your home and water. For all these reasons, you should take some time to tidy up your cords and set them where they’re out of the way. Instead of using extension cords and power strips, you can also call an electrician to install a new outlet in a strategic place that will aid in the systematization that you’re trying to create, if necessary.

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