Electrical Safety Tips for Homeowners

Electrical devices and appliances make our daily lives undeniably better. With them, we can perform various chores with ease, work remotely, and entertain ourselves at home. But because electronics are so commonplace, we sometimes forget how dangerous they can be when we don’t handle them properly. In honor of National Electrical Safety Month, we present electrical safety tips to prevent injury.

Treat Cords With Care

Cords are what can most often lead to harm. You should therefore treat them with care. This means that you should be mindful of where you run cords in your house. Rather than having them lay across the middle of the floor, limiting them to the corners and edges of the room is better. There, no one will trip or damage them inadvertently. Whenever you need to unplug a cord, remember to do so gently and from the head. Tugging at a cord will only increase the chances of it breaking. If you do notice that you have cords that have become loose or damaged, you should replace them. Damaged cords will not be able to prevent shocks or fires as intact cords will.

Avoid Contact With Water

In an average home, electrical devices can become hazardous when they’re near water. Because the water that you use contains dissolved salts and other charged compounds, it conducts electricity. So, water that comes into contact with electricity can fatally shock you. To avoid this, do not use electrical devices near your bathtub when it’s filled with water or rooms where floors are wet. Likewise, don’t touch your electrical devices when your hands are wet. Should you want to install a new outlet in your kitchen or one of your restrooms, you need to make sure that it’s far enough from water to stay safe. Beyond National Electrical Safety Month, electrical safety tips to prevent injury like this are vital to remember in your everyday routine.

Repair or Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel is the conduit that electricity from your utility company passes through before traveling around your home to its many outlets and fixtures. That’s why it’s pivotal to keep it in good condition. If your electrical panel is too old or broken, it will not be able to protect your home from power surges as it’s supposed to. In turn, your appliances could become overloaded with electricity, irreversibly harming them. A house fire could also start when your electrical panel is working. Guard your home against such a disaster by calling an electrical professional who will repair or upgrade your electrical panel so that it matches your needs perfectly.

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