Preparing Your Garage for an Electric Car Charging Station

For many electric car drivers, the biggest challenge they face is keeping their vehicle charged. To help, cities around the country have installed charging stations at local businesses and gas stations where drivers can top off their cars. But these options are not always convenient. That is why many EV drivers choose to install a charger at home.

To start, you’ll need access to a garage or carport, as these spaces make the perfect spot to install a charging station. If you have an EV, continue reading this blog, which covers everything you need to know when preparing your garage for an electric car charging station.

Select a Charger

You will have a choice between a level one or level two charger for your EV. A level one charger can plug into a standard outlet in your garage, but it will charge more slowly. A level two charger, on the other hand, will charge faster but requires a custom setup to work.

Determine Where You Will Park Your EV

This may seem minor, but it’s an important part of electric vehicle charging station installation. It will not only determine where you want to install the charging station but how much the charging station will cost to install should you call in a professional. This is because the further away your station is from your electric panel or electric source, the more wire you’ll need to set up the station.

Get the Climate Right

Fluctuating weather can wreak havoc on EV batteries. That is why it’s good to store your car in a climate-controlled garage. Before bringing your EV home and installing your charging station, consider making some updates to your garage, such as installing an insulated garage door. This will enable you to better regulate the temperature of the space.

Hire a Professional

EV charging stations are not always easy to install safely. They often require a new power source to ensure they’re not competing with the appliances and equipment you already have plugged into the circuits of your house. To ensure the best EV charging station is installed at your house, hire a professional to get the job done. However, before they arrive, do what you can to prepare your garage for an electric charging station—this will make life easier for everyone involved.


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