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EV Charging Station Installation Services

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Did You Just Buy A Tesla?

Officially the hassle of finding a electric car charging station near you is over, have one installed in your home today! Our team of local electricians can install your EV home charger for you, hassle free. With over 33 different types of electric car models on the market today, finding the right electrical car charger can be challenging. Allow us to find you the best fit for your EV charging station.

Tesla Charging Station Installation, Nassau County, NY

Charge Your Tesla at Home

Finding a reliable charging station for your Tesla can be challengingunless you install a charging station in your garage or driveway. With your own charging station, you can recharge your Tesla every night as you rest. An at-home charging station is a fast, reliable, and safe way to refill your Tesla’s batteryA Tesla charging station will provide your garage with the power it needs and allow you to recharge your vehicle from the safety of your homeGive us a call at No Shorts Electric today to receive a free estimate! 

Install a Charging Station at Any Location

Some people prefer to charge their Tesla in their driveway, while others prefer to charge their Tesla in their garage. At No Shorts Electric, we can set up a charging station at any location near your home, including your garage or driveway. All you need to do is choose a location near your home and inform our professionals at No Shorts Electric; from there, we will install your new charging station for your Tesla.

Access Your Tesla Charger With Ease

Charging your Tesla at home is easy, quick, and convenient. Instead of traveling to the nearest charging station, simply walk outside and charge your vehicle from home. Installing a Tesla charger at home will save a lot of time and effort in the long run. Simply plug your Tesla into your new charging outlet to see how easy and efficient it is for yourself!

Save Time & Money

If you use the proper charging equipment, you can charge your vehicle up to 10x faster than a standard 120v wall outlet. This means that you can spend more time driving your vehicle and less time at your charging station. This affordable technology will save you both time and money while on the road!

Call No Shorts Electric Today!

To add a Tesla charging station to your home today, give us a call. We offer electric vehicle charging station installation services, so you can charge your Tesla from the comfort of your home. With a convenient Tesla charging station at your home, you can charge your vehicle easily and at any time. Our experienced team of professionals will stop by your home and let you know the best options for your electrical needs. If you have an electrical emergency, don’t hesitate to call us at +1 516•825•1574.

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  • Lisa C.
    Lisa C.

    Mike from No Shorts Electric replaced & updated my electric panel and service and installed a generator switch. He did a great job and explained everything that I needed to know. He was professional, personable and very thorough in his work and extremely reasonable in price. He arrived precisely on time, put in a full day and a half of work, cleaned up afterwards, and followed up on his work. I had also obtained a few estimates outside of Home Advisor but decided on No Shorts because I felt the most comfortable with how Mike presented himself and how he explained the job to me; the fact that he considerably beat the other estimates was a bonus. I would highly recommend this business.

  • Derick J.
    Derick J.

    I spoke with Mike regarding some breaker panel concerns. He listened to everything I had to say over the phone and mentioned he can swing by later if I was avaible to check the panel and perform a quick inspection. I called Mike after I arrived home from work...and within 30 minutes he arrived at my door step. He explained why the size of wires in the electrical panel determines how much amps the associated breakers should support. He also replaced one of the breakers and added two more. Although this was just a quick inspection of the breaker panel. If I do decide in the future to upgrade any of the wiring in the house, I'll definitely contact No Shorts Electric again.

  • Louis B.
    Louis B.

  • Shawn D.
    Shawn D.

    Mike did a great job.

  • Joseph M.
    Joseph M.

    Very customer-friendly attitude. Exceptional work done at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend No Shorts Electric, Inc.

  • Werner B.
    Werner B.

    Friendly professional work.

  • Ellis C.
    Ellis C.

    Great evaluation of what needs to be done first but he hasn't been back to follow through‼️

  • Spencer D.
    Spencer D.

    Mike was on time. He was professional, and performed quality work. He also found a way to save us $ 100.00 without sacrificing anything.

  • Joseph P.
    Joseph P.

    He promptly replied to my request for help. He kept to the appointment time exactly. He's professional and courteous. Provided valuable and professional advice as to the solution. His pricing was very reasonable. I would recommend him to a friend.

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