What To Expect During an Electrical Inspection

How many years has it been since you’ve had an electrical inspection done on your home? If the answer is more than 5 to 10 years, you need to schedule one as soon as possible. You might assume your electrical system is working fine, but you never know what’s going on beyond the surface. Inspections can save your home from potential electrical fires and other hazards. An assessment can also point out areas that need preventative maintenance. Here’s what to expect during an electrical inspection.  

Checking Your Outlets 

An electrician will start with inspecting your outlets, switches, sockets, and light fixtures. They’ll make sure that each of these components is working correctly and up to code. If they find any issues, they can recommend replacement options for you.

Surveying the Wiring  

Next, the electrician will do a thorough inspection of the wiring in the home. Faulty wiring could result in an electrical fire and other hazards. It can also harm the wiring of your other fixtures and electronics. The electrician may also offer an upgrade for your wiring. If the wiring is highly outdated, then an upgrade is a must.  

Looking at the Panel Box   

The electrician will then look at your panel box. They may need to make some minor repairs if the box is outdated or damaged. They’ll also check for proper labeling. If your panel box isn’t labeled, the electrician can help you do it. It’s essential to label your fuses so that you can reset them in case of a trip.

If the electrician decides the panel box is too outdated or damaged, they’ll recommend replacements. It’s a good idea to update your fuse box if it’s ancient. A newer electric repair panel box will help the performance of your wiring and electronics.  

Completing the Inspection 

Once the electrician finishes their inspection, they’ll present their findings to you. That’s when they’ll recommend any replacements or repairs and bring up any other issues. Feel free to ask them any questions about the inspection and the next steps you should take. Once the inspection is done, you’ll receive a compliance certificate.  

So that’s what to expect during an electrical inspection. As we stated, if it’s been more than 10 years since your last electrical inspection, you need to schedule one as soon as you can.


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